News From Around The Blogosphere 12.1.08

December 2, 2008

god-is-cancelledCincinnati Zoo holy alliance – This is pretty disgusting. The Cincinnati Zoo and the Creation “Museum” made a marketing agreement to sell “combo tickets” to get into both attractions for one price, meaning the Cincinnati Zoo was effectively promoting Young Earth Creationism. BUT that alliance was short-lived as it quickly met with such enormous criticism as to make the Cincinnati Zoo to come their senses and today cancel the whole thing. And thus once again good triumphs over the forces of evil.

Birmingham mayor who called for day of prayer arrested on multiple counts of corruption – Apparently Jesus has answer Larry Langford’s prayers, just not the answer he would have liked. That’s a shame.

American Atheists sues Kentucky – The other day I blogged about Kentucky declaring that its first line of defense was “God,” ordering Homeland Security to waste tax payer dollars publicizing this nonsense. So now Kentucky is being sued. I’ll bet every dollar I have that once again, God will fail to appear to testify in court.

It was a million-to-1 shot, doc, a million-to-1 – Apparently a vicar got a potato stuck in a very uncomfortable place:

The clergyman, in his 50s, told nurses he had been hanging curtains when he fell backwards on to his kitchen table.

He happened to be nude at the time of the mishap, said the vicar, who insisted he had not been playing a sex game.

saps-taps-parodyMason Dixon Paranormal Society determines a museum is haunted – How did they do that? EVP, among the stupidest methods ghost hunters have ever come up with. Seriously, watching ghost hunters listen for hidden messages in the static is like watching a room full of monkeys try to write Shakespeare.

When did Uri Geller go from “psychic” to magician? – Ugh! Of course James Randi long ago predicted Geller would eventually try to subtly make this transition. . .and without the aid of any psychic powers too. After all, after you lose enough law suits and more and more people become wise to the con, there’s nowhere else to go. But what one must remember is that the U.S. government literally spent I think millions of dollars on psychic research largely due to what Geller is now admitting to be tricks. Now there’s a term for this. It’s called defrauding the government. . .and it’s a FEDERAL CRIME!!!


groin-kickEven skeptics can admit possessions were definitely involved here – An Atlanta woman burned down her own apartment because she believed her possessions to be possessed.

“She was extremely upset saying the material was possessed by voodoo spirits and she was trying to cleanse the apartment of the spirits,” said Marietta Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs.

Godless Christmas Cards! – I just saw Stephen Colbert talking about them and now PZ Myers has blogged about them. But damn, are they expensive!


scientist-use-in-case-of-emergencyBrain’s Magnetic Fields Reveal Autism Delays – “Faint magnetic signals from brain activity in children with autism show that those children process sound and language differently from non-autistic children. Identifying and classifying these brain response patterns may allow researchers to more accurately diagnose autism and possibly aid in developing more effective treatments for the developmental disorder.”

Sex Life Of Killer Fungus Finally Revealed – “Biologists at The University of Nottingham and University College Dublin have announced a major breakthrough in our understanding of the sex life of a microscopic fungus which is a major cause of death in immune deficient patients and also a cause of severe asthma.”

Humanity May Hold Key For Next Earth Evolution – “Human degradation of the environment has the potential to stall an ongoing process of planetary evolution, and even rewind the evolutionary clock to leave the planet habitable only by the bacteria that dominated billions of years of Earth’s history, Harvard geochemist Charles Langmuir said Thursday (Nov. 13).” Well that doesn’t sound good.

A Surgeon You Can Swallow – “In the future, tablet-shaped robots could perform some surgical operations without injuring the body. A new publication by the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems of ETH Zurich shows how such surgical bio-microrobots might function.”

Ants Practice Farming And Chemical Warfare – “According to an article in the November issue of Microbiology Today, leaf-cutter ants have developed a system to try and keep their gardens pest-free; an impressive feat which has evaded even human agriculturalists.”

Do unicorns exist? – I can’t believe how much analysis went into this. Here is an awesome site I found on Skepchick that takes a very close look at the complex research concerning the question of whether unicorns exist.