Brisbane Supreme Court denies Canadian ‘Lesbian vampire killer’ parole

September 26, 2010

Easiest image search ever!!

Gotta love that headline. In 1989, Tracy Wigginton killed a man. According to Lisa Ptachinski, her girlfriend at the time, Wigginton had vampiric tendencies and killed the man for the purpose of drinking his blood. She was only one of the four people accused to plea guilty and so there was no need for a trial.

On the night of the murder, Wigginton, Ptaschinski and two other women lured 47-year-old Edward Baldock to a park on the banks of the Brisbane River. There, Wigginton stabbed him 27 times, nearly severing his head

In 1991, Wigginton was given a life sentence with a minimum of 13 years. Since then four parole applications have been denied. And now after serving 20 years, she’s been denied parole again.I’d say she needs a minimum of seven more years so she’ll have served at least one year for every stabbing.

News From Around The Blogosphere 7.20.10

July 20, 2010

1. A vaccine patch to replace needles?

The patch has hundreds of microscopic needles which dissolve into the skin.

Tests in mice show the technology may even produce a better immune response than a conventional jab.

Awesome! Of course this isn’t likely to make vaccine deniers any less anti-vaccine. But

2. Lesbian teen Constance McMillen wins $35,000 settlement – Congratulations to Constance, who is the teen who was discriminated against by her high school officials who kept her from attending her own prom. Now she’s won a legal victory against the school, a great topic for a college essay, about 1-year’s tuition towards college, and the respect of a nation.

3. Chinese UFO sighting turns out to not be aliens – I know. Shocking. First of all, it was a rocket. Second of all, the footage wasn’t shot in China but in Borat‘s native country (presumably during the running of the Jew festivities). And third, there’s a lot of Photoshopped images being passed off as this Chinese UFO. So every part of this story turns out to be completely wrong. Brilliant.

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