With Obama’s speech tonight, I almost forgot that politicians are often stupid

February 24, 2009

Here’s some pearls of wisdom from Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina:

Well I think that it’s just, and science is more and more documenting this, is that there are real “chinks” in the armor of evolution being the only way we came about. The idea of there being a, you know, a little mud hole and two mosquitoes get together and the next thing you know you have a human being… is completely at odds with, you know, one of the laws of thermodynamics which is the law of, of … in essence, destruction.


Thanks professor, but if it’s all the same with you, I’ll leave the science to the scientists, not the crazy people.

And Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, responding to creationist statements by Sarah Palin,  said this little gem:

I saw her comments on it yesterday, and I thought they were appropriate, which is, you know, let’s — if there are competing theories, and they are credible, her view of it was, according to the comments in the newspaper, allow them all to be presented or allow them both to be presented so students could be exposed to both or more and have a chance to be exposed to the various theories and make up their own minds…

In the scientific community, it seems like intelligent design is dismissed — not entirely, there are a lot of scientists who would make the case that it is appropriate to be taught and appropriate to be demonstrated, but in terms of the curriculum in the schools in Minnesota, we’ve taken the approach that that’s a local decision.

I think the key here is “if there are competing theories, and they are credible.” Creationism is neither a competing theory nor credible. So I guess then I agree with Pawlenty under those conditions.