News From Around The Blogosphere 11.6.08

November 7, 2008

Is Obama seriously considering antivaccinationist Robert Kennedy Jr. for the EPA? – I soooo hope this is bullshit. I know you’ve got an awesome slogan but “No, he can’t!” Don’t let me down this early, Barack.

Age of Autism: pot calling kettle black? – AoA ridicules Dr. Nancy Synderman’s performance on The Today Show for allegedly doing exactly what the antivaccinationists themselves have been doing!! Proof of inconsistency right here.

The Onion brilliantly satirizes the recent “rain man” autism study – Knocked it out of the park.

Large Hadron Collider and irrational fears – USA Today takes a look at the history of people being terrified that scientists are about to destroy the world. Of course, so far unsuccessfully.

Okay, I lied. The world actually ended on November 9, 1980. You weren’t among those raptured into Heaven and we didn’t have the heart to tell you.

If you were watching the news tonight you might have caught a segment talking about a study suggesting migraines were good for preventing breast cancer (I know, they’re late for Breast Cancer Awareness Month–lazy bastards!) Well anyway, here’s a closer look at the study.

You might be an Uncle Tom atheist if. . . – I do somewhat agree with this list but I also do recognize the need for “friendly” atheists, “militant” atheists, and atheists in between. Though really my notion of friendly atheists doesn’t fit this definition of an “Uncle Tom” atheist, which are pretty worthless in my opinion. Though technically the very term “Uncle Tom” is a straw man of the character in the book. But it’s important to note that even on the opposite side, some atheists really are just jackasses who should be criticized by the rest of the atheist “community” for lack of a better word:


scientist-use-in-case-of-emergencyCould Rocks Sponge Carbon Dioxide From Air? – “Scientists say that a type of rock found at or near the surface in the Mideast nation of Oman and other areas around the world could be harnessed to soak up huge quantities of globe-warming carbon dioxide.”

First Genome Of Cancer Patient Sequenced – “For the first time, scientists have decoded the complete DNA of a cancer patient and traced her disease – acute myelogenous leukemia – to its genetic roots.”

New Differences Between Human, Chimp Genomes – “Researchers have carried out the largest study of differences between human and chimpanzee genomes, identifying regions that have been duplicated or lost during evolution of the two lineages. The study, published in Genome Research, is the first to compare many human and chimpanzee genomes in the same fashion.”