Correlation between religion and stupidity

November 17, 2008

female-submissionOkay, so he’s a Reverend, but Reverand Roy Bourgeois did get excommunicated by the Catholic Church for doing something that one must assume was pretty wild, right? His crime? Ordaining women into the priesthood. I know what you’re thinking. THAT MANIAC! We can forgive ordaining pedophiles, BUT WOMEN?!

monkey-thinkingThen there’s the Bishop of Lancaster, who has declared that the problem with the church is all those darned educated people who aren’t attending Mass:

The Rt Rev Patrick O’Donoghue, the Bishop of Lancaster, has claimed that graduates are spreading scepticism and sowing dissent. Instead of following the Church’s teaching they are “hedonistic”, “selfish” and “egocentric”, he said.

In particular, the bishop complained that influential Catholics in politics and the media were undermining the Church.

While not naming names, he suggested that such people had been compromised by their education, which he said had a “dark side, due to original sin”.

Okay then. So I suppose his slogan would be, “Don’t be a fool; Stay away from school. . .look how well I turned out.” Well, I’m convinced.

monkey-frustratedSarah Palin is the incarnation of “practical common sense conservatism” – Whoa! That just blew my mind! I don’t really care to continue blogging about ol’ You Betcha because I’d rather the world forgot about her as soon as possible, but this warranted reposting. I believe President-elect Obama said it best:

“It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant.”

People are worried about the “mark of the beast”? Really? A company that makes recognition systems tries to preempt concerns that their devices are tools of the devil by making a suggestion in all seriousness that people should use their left hand in their scanners, because the bible says the mark is on the right. Yeah, no comment I can think up for this story can make it sound any more absurd.