Pinky swear to defend humanist values

May 29, 2009

I can’t believe I managed to get the word “pinky” into the headlines to 2 blogs in a row!

Humanist activists from Georgia have come up with their own unique response to the silly Christian “Promise Rings,” designed to discourage unmarried teens from doin’ it. Of course,  Christian Promise Rings were not only completely ineffective in preventing underage sex but also, like with abstinence-only sex education, had the unintended consequence of leading to loads of unsafe sex too.

Unlike the Promise Rings, the only real purpose to the Secular Pinky Swear rings is to promote their humanist values. According to the website

The Pinky Swear is a direct challenge to dogmatic religious pledges, because it demonstrates how secular students can have strong values rooted in reason, how they can commit to being courageous in the face of cultural pressure.