Ray Comfort discovers new fruit

March 25, 2009

And of course here’s the original internet sensation that this video was parodying:


An atheist conspiracy responsible for Ray Comfort’s poor book sales?

March 5, 2009

Wow! Talk about the ego on this guy! Ray Comfort is actually whining that his book sales are suffering from an atheist plot to give him bad reviews on Amazon.

1. Has he considered the possibility that he’s surrounded himself by Yes Men and that his book, which I’m not surprisingly told is just a rehash of his earlier books, just isn’t very good?

2. His book explicitly defames atheists. Did he honestly think he had a shot at getting positive ratings from atheists?

3. He wrote a book that addresses controversial ideas, something that everyone can agree on regardless of whether they agree with him or not. Every other author who writes a controversial book manages to deal with bad reviews from those who disagree with their ideas. It’s not a conspiracy; it’s just the marketplace of ideas. And bad reviews comes with the territory, Ray. Suck it up.

4. Ray, your mustache looks stupid. I’m sorry. I just had to say it.

Beavis vs. Butthead

February 26, 2009

When 2 complete morons get into a heated fight over who has the stupider belief, it makes for great entertainment. Apparently creationist Ray Comfort and professional complainer Bill Donohue of the Catholic League had a disagreement over Evolution. Donohue now claims to think it’s perfectly okay to believe in both God and Evolution while  Comfort is obviously not a fan of the Evolution.  Now I said Donohue now claims to think Evolution is acceptable, whereas he has mocked it in the past.

Ray Comfort to actually contribute science and reason?

February 25, 2009

As everyone knows, Ray Comfort is a media whore. In fact, on the scale of media whoredom, he’s somewhere in between the Westboro Baptist Church and PETA. And lately, as I’ve blogged before, the big banana’s been doing more more whoring than usual with the release of his old–err, I mean his new book (sorry, I got confused since all the arguments were the same) on Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. What are the odds?! Ray’s also been promoting his new website, Pull the Plug on Atheist, which clearly is not just an ill-conceived attempt to get a rise out of atheists and those who subscribe to evolution.

Now a recent news story that I don’t think I blogged about because I wanted to avoid giving The Banana Man the publicity that he craves so much involved Ray offering to pay PZ Myers to engage in a public debate. Having debated a sneaky, duplicitous Comfort before on the radio and not wanting to further the perception that creationism was something that is worthy of even being debated at all, Myers declined Comfort’s request.

Well now, Comfort is offered to pay Richard Dawkins $10,000 to debate him.

Dawkins has a counter-offer: he’ll do it for $100,000, to be donated to the RDF. Comfort has now upped the ante to $20,000. It’s not enough.

. . .

Not only would creationists have finally done something productive and contributed to the promulgation of reason for once, but the spectacle of this debate would be a source of endless hilarity for years to come.

Richard does have a few other requests: that Comfort reprise his banana argument, and that the event would have to be recorded by the RDF team, for the enlightenment of the world. It’s not too much to ask.

I am reminded of YouTube user Thunderf00t’s superb rejection of Youtube creationist VenomFangX’s request for a formal debate:

I’m also reminded of this:

Ray Comfort misses the point once again

February 1, 2009

Ray Comfort comments on the video that made him (in)famous to atheists online:

I was introduced on a radio interview recently as being “internationally hated by atheists.”

To what do I attribute this great honor? Obviously, to my dumb banana video. It spread my name like soft and tasteless butter all over the world. And so I have this unique and wonderful blog that is frequented by atheists. I never thought that I would some day thank God for that stupid video, but I do.

What he doesn’t understand is that it isn’t “internationally hated by atheists.” On the contrary, every time I rewatch that video I actually give it 5 stars. People who actually understand science and despise creationism LOVE Ray’s little banana video because it illustrates the collosal stupidity of creationism far better than even YouTube user Thunderf00t’s great “Why People Laugh At Creationists” video series. I have to think that that video single-handedly made Ray and Kirk Cameron embarrassments even to the larger creationist movement. I really can’t imagine that Casey Luskin or Michael Behe are too happy about this video floating around. While they’re idiots in their own right, next to Comfort and Cameron they come off as geniuses.

I’ve seen even people who aren’t very knowledgeable about science stumble upon the video and actually recommending it to me because it made them laugh their asses off.

So no, Ray. We don’t hate the video. The video actually makes our point for us better than we ever could.

And as if it were even necessary, here’s a video that debunk’s arguably the stupidest creationist argument ever:

News From Around The Blogosphere 01.23.09

January 24, 2009

Obama already bringing science back – Not only has the Food and Drug Administration approved clinical trials for treating spinal cord patients with embryonic stem cells but he’s reversing a lot of Bush blunders.

Pennsylvania man considers bank error a “gift from God” – Uh, that’s not a gift.  That’s stealing from the bank.

Jerry Coyne officially a member of the New Atheist club – Coyne has written a lengthy piece in The New Republic that comes down hard on the pro-evolution books written by theistic scientists Karl Giberson and Ken Miller. Now even though I agree that the brilliant Stephen J. Gould was wrong in declaring science and religion different magistia to avoid taking the kind of hard anti-religious stance that Richard Dawkins has, I’ve always given Ken Miller a pass because I like and respect him in addition to think that he is possibly the best critic against “Intelligent Design” that we have. But intellectually I agree with Coyne that science and religion just cannot be reconciled.

Here is a video of Ken Miller smoking creationists in a debate better than anyone I’ve ever seen and also later referencing his religious faith:

Creationism’s big banana himself Ray Comfort challenges PZ Myers to another dual – Does that make this a rematch?

Evidence we live in a holographic reality? Whoa! – Okay, probably not. But this is interesting all the same.


Scientists from the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan have successfully teleported quantum information between two separate atoms in unconnected enclosures a meter apart. Here’s Science Daily’s report on it.

Honk if you love quantum entanglement.


Aging Secret In Genetically Altered Fruit Fly – “Brown University researchers have identified a cellular mechanism that could someday help fight the aging process.

The finding by Stephen Helfand and Nicola Neretti and others adds another piece to the puzzle that Helfand, a professor of biology, molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry, first discovered in 2000. Back then, he identified a mutation in the Indy (“I’m Not Dead Yet”) gene that can extend the life span of fruit flies.”

Hear that McCain and Palin? FRUIT FLIES!!!!

News From Around The Blogosphere 01.03.09

January 3, 2009


Age of Autism’s “Reporter of the Year” strikes (out) again – And for confusing change.org for change.gov, David Kirby wins the Worst Fact-Checker EVER Award. This really is no small error when you look at the sites. One is the official site of Obama’s transition team and the other is a political and social networking site with no ties to Obama at all.

Sand of Christ

“Sand of Christ is a keepsake that has been blessed and made holy by an ordained minister. It is a vial of sand that has been filtered, cleaned and purified, then anointed and blessed through a long and expensive process. The vial is secured in a waterproof metal capsule that has been highly polished by hand. Each one has the cross laser engraved.

. . .

Clearly, we do not make any false promises of magical healing or far-fetched claims. However, Sand of Christ is not a gimmick. Each one is GUARANTEED to be blessed and made holy. As such, we know that each and every one carries the positive power of Christ within its contents.”

Using Rick Warren to raise money for LGBT civil rights – I applaud those who have come up with this idea to raise more money for every second Rick Warren speaks at the Obama inauguration. You can make your pledge here. And I second Friendly Atheist’s suggestion that the Secular Coalition for America should do something similar.

Ray Comfort asks why interbreeding doesn’t work – After writing several books criticizing Evolution, Comfort again proves he doesn’t even understand it. It’s ironic that Ray Comfort is living proof that there is no intelligent designer.