2010 This Year In Skepticism – January

January 2, 2011

Here is the first part of my look back at the big skeptic-related news stories from last year. I’m just covering last January in this piece but I’ll try to cover more than one month in the next installment.

Yet another well-designed study hit another nail in the coffin of the hypothesis that the MMR vaccine is linked with autism. Then researchers concluded that there was a lack of evidence supporting special diets for autism.

New smart phone apps emerge that debunk creationism

California said no to creationist curriculum

Pat Robertson blamed the Haitian earthquake on a mythical pact the nation never made with the devil–true story–thus earning him a nomination in the douchebag of the year awards.

Vatican Bank accused of laundering $200 million.

Stephen Baldwin said he’d rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus, earning him a solid nomination in the douchebag of the year awards.

The arrest of the businessman responsible for selling dowsing rods, aka magic wands, as bomb detectors.

UK’s General Medical Council concluded that anti-vaccine prophet Andrew Wakefield acted “dishonestly and irresponsibly.”

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledges $10 billion to vaccines and Doctors Without Borders vaccinates 2,100 kids against Measles in Pakistan – both were big victories for public health around the world.

Skeptics fail in homeopathy-based suicide attempt – The 1023 campaign sparked a great deal of attention on this little publicity stunt and made homeopathy look incredibly stupid.

Star of Scientology orientation film gives farewell performance – Larry Anderson, an actor and long-time member of $cientology who starred in their orientation film left the cult.

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Ignore Stephen Baldwin – Restore Joss Whedon

May 5, 2010

Professional celebrity Stephen Baldwin, whose in love with Jesus and whose daily job seems to be trading in on his more successful brothers’ success, has fallen on hard times. Apparently, while Jesus saves, he doesn’t let his followers withdraw. Anyway, instead of turning to his incredibly wealthy family for support, Stephen Baldwin is now begging for handouts from his fans (yes, apparently anyone can have fans these days).

Actually, it’s not actually him doing the begging. No, that would require him doing work. No, there’s an independent website that is e-begging for him. And there’s a commercial going around the internet comparing Stephen Baldwin to the mythical most moral man in the world, Job, because Stephen Baldwin is a very humble guy. In fact, he’s the most humble man in the world! Now the commercial makes this look like a giant farce but I’m pretty sure it’s not intended as irony:

But there’s someone who deserves restoration a lot more than Stephen Baldwin, a man named Joss Whedon:

Oh, and Adam Baldwin kicks ass too:

Stephen Baldwin would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus

January 25, 2010

Just when you thought Stephen Baldwin couldn’t get any crazier than when he said that “God” was responsible for the film Biodome for the purpose of giving Baldwin an audience to preach the gospel, now he apparently said on the British version of Celebrity Big Brother that he would rather see his daughter die than lie about Jesus:

If someone pointed a machine gun at my daughter and said: “Say Jesus doesn’t exist” and if she turned to me and asked: “What do I do?”, I’d say: “What have I taught you to do?” And she’d say: “Jesus absolutely exists.” And I’d see her in heaven.

Wow. Just wow. Alex, Billy, and the other one really need to knock some sense into him. This is just repulsive.