The zombie apocalypse begins…

January 8, 2010

I’ve got my battle scars to prove it. That’s right, I’ve gotten the H1N1 flu vaccine. So if you never see another post, you’ll know why. I’ll be a reanimated corpse feasting on the brains of the living.

It's a little hard to tell but that's the adhesive strip on my arm.

News From Around The Blogosphere 12.21.09

December 22, 2009

Silence is the Enemy campaign image

1. South African lesbians being dragged off the street and  raped – The worst part of all is that in the video found in the link above, citizens are happily admitting their support of rape in order to “correct” these women and “teach them a lesson.” The police and government are not taking this seriously.

One man roared with laughter as he said lesbians should be “whipped”. “There is no mention of lesbians in the bible,” he said.

. . .

They said “women should behave like women” and this was a way of “teaching” them that.

Why is it that whenever there is repulsive female oppression, a reference to the bible isn’t far behind?

2. The Pope (TM) – The Vatican has literally copywritten the Pope. So apparently the likeness and image of Joey Ratz is no longer in the public domain:

The statement seeks to establish and safeguard the name, image and any symbols of the Pope as being expressly for official use of the Holy See unless otherwise authorized.

. . .

Due to this demand, the Vatican has felt it necessary to declare that “it alone has the right to ensure the respect due to the Successors of Peter, and therefore, to protect the figure and personal identity of the Pope from the unauthorized use of his name and/or the papal coat of arms for ends and activities which have little or nothing to do with the Catholic Church.”

So I guess mentioning the fact that it’s a matter of public record that the current Pope conspired to cover-up countless instances of child rape, allowing the rapists to continue to rape and escape prosecution to this very day is a big no-no.

3. Garrison Keillor’s anti-semitic rant – Ironically, he accuses those non-Christians who embrace Christmas of “spiritual piracy and cultural elitism,” apparently oblivious to the holiday’s pagan origins and, you know, the fact that this very rant promotes “cultural elitism.” This just further hits home the point that there’s no such thing as a “War on Christmas,” only a war by fanatical Christians against everyone else’s cultural or religious traditions in order to reinforce their own religious dominance. And the guy seems really, really worked up over this. Dude, there are REAL problems in the world. Non-Christians enjoying the season isn’t a problem; it can hardly even be described as a pet peeve. But I’m not a heartless guy, so I’ll just wish Mr. Keillor a Happy Atheistmas!

4. Mexico City legalizes same-sex marriage – And apparently Uruguay already has legalized civil unions throughout the country, along with several South America nations. Who knew?

5. Clive Thompson of the Washington Post calls anti-vaccination one of the “Worst Ideas of the Decade” – Thompson hits it out of the park, but of course he’s just become the newest target of vitriolic attacks by the anti-vaccine movement. In fact, it’s already started. And by tomorrow, I’m sure Age of Autism will have found some reason to insist he’s a Big Pharma Shill, such as him once living next door to someone who knows someone who works at Merck. And on a related note, the anti-vacine Australian Vaccination Network (or AVN – not to be confused with any other AVN that may hold annual conventions in Las Vegas) and its leader Meryl Dorey are under investigation for misleading the public.

Obama answers H1N1 vaccine conspiracists

December 22, 2009

Obama receiving his novel H1N1 vaccination

Of course the real true believer conspiracists will still find some excuse to remain unconvinced that Obama isn’t part of the evil government eugenics plot to wipe out most of the population with poisonous vaccines that have managed to not kill or seriously harm anyone for months. If this is all we have, then they’ll say he didn’t really get the vaccine and this is just a photo opt. If there is video footage, they’ll say that wasn’t the vaccine with the poison or that it was a slight of hand trick that only appeared to penetrate the skin, etc, etc. It’s always something. But I’m glad to see Obama making a point to acknowledge his confidence in the vaccine program.

Dr. Oz does good. It must be Monday.

October 12, 2009

Yesterday, I went off on Dr. Oz for a video I saw where he said some factually incorrect things about autism, which Age of Autism seemed to love (never a good sign).

But today, I actually want to thank Oz for some recent good he’s done trying to promote vaccination.

Now the really, really odd part is that the YouTube account that posted these 2 videos either belongs to medical quack “Dr.” Mercola or some fan of his. So I guess this is meant to discredit Oz in the minds of Mercola’s audience even though whoever uploaded it didn’t add any commentary.

But I guess when you’ve got people this nuts who just KNOW “The Truth” with absolute certainty, no commentary is needed. The comments section in both videos is full of pure rage against Oz with constant shouts of the “Big Pharma Shill” Gambit.

And what I found most amusing because it shows just how delusional these people are was that in that second video, numerous commenters insist that despite being shown very clearly as Dr. Oz gets vaccinated themselves, that he didn’t really get vaccinated. One person claimed it the vaccine was palmed even though we actually see the injection in close-up. I don’t think they actually know what palming is. If you don’t know, I suggest you watch a REAL demonstration of a magician palming something before an audience & camera (see 4 minutes into the video).

This just shows similar these kooks are to other denialist groups like the Obama Birthers. The Birthers kept asking to see Obama’s birth certificate. And then after it was shown to them and they saw it with their own eyes, they still denied it. And to this day, they continually insist on seeing the birth certificate, which they claim has never been shown, yet anyone who bothers to Google “Obama birth certificate” can now see it any time they want.

With the anti-vaccinationists, I kept hearing them say they wanted to see the doctors themselves get them. In fact, there’s a common gambit they use all the time where they bring up a statistic that 1/3 of doctors don’t get themselves vaccinated. Of course this would mean that 2/3 do, but never let small details like that get in the way of a good nonsensical denialist argument. Now here we clearly see a doctor vaccinated on camera. . .AND IT’S STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THEM! They just come up with a new excuse like, there was nothing in the vaccine or it didn’t really penetrate his skin, blah, blah, blah.

That’s why it doesn’t pay to try and rationally answer the arguments of crazy people. It won’t convince them. In fact, being proven wrong just manages to convince them of their delusion even more.

But it was a good try, Dr. Oz.

Dr. Bill Maher’s tweeted medical advice

September 26, 2009

Dr. Maher knows what he’s talking about. He’s an awesome proctologist. He just has a special way of pulling things out of the rectum.

This info. comes courtesy of my old friends at Age of Autism. Though what this has to do with autism, I’m not quite sure, since Age of Autism constantly talks about how not anti-vaccine they are.

Mysteries, Magic & Miracles 9.21.09

September 21, 2009


Did I Fall Asleep? Neural Reductionism and Dollhouse – I now occasionally write for The Gotham Skeptic, the official blog of the New York City Skeptics. And today I found a blog from one of my fellow Gotham Skeptics that I found interesting because it explores scientific questions within science fiction and particularly because the TV series Dollhouse is returning this week and Dr. Horrible’s recent interrupting of the Emmy’s reminded me of how much I enjoy the work of Joss Whedon.

A new study finds large penis size raises self-esteem – And in a related study, researchers found that water causes wetness.


Vancouver quacks selling homeopathy remedies for H1N1 – I like how Some Canadian Skeptic put it:

Placebo water-pills using magic and sorcery to vaccinate against one of the deadliest flu-strains to hit Canada in generations.

Dowsing for WiFi – A pre-scientific stick using magic and sorcery to locate high tech 21st century technology, Yeah, good luck with that.


California hospital now allows Hmong shamans to perform healing rituals – Shamans? The most advanced medical science the 21st century has to offer. . .and they’ve got shamans?! Just remember. You can’t spell shaman without the “SHAM!”

Rabbis fight off swine flu WITH MAGIC SPELLS!

August 12, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A group of rabbis and Jewish mystics have decided to take advantage of 21st century science while combining it with Iron Age superstition by boarding an airplane and flying over Israel while chanting magic spells and blowing their shofars (the musical instrument, you perv) in order to stop the H1N1 flu:

The flight’s aim was “to stop the pandemic so people will stop dying from it,” Rabbi Yitzhak Batzri was quoted as saying in Yedioth Aharanot newspaper.

The flu is often referred to as H1N1 in Israel, where pigs are seen as unclean.

Wow! Just wow!

Silly rabbis. Trix are for kids.

Patients Zero in stupidity pandemic

April 28, 2009

First, the Republicans were against money to prepare for flu pandemics:

And then of course there’s Alex Jones, who in times of crisis sticks to his standard unifying theory that whatever it is, the government deliberately caused it as part of an inexplicable evil Bond-villain-like plot to take over the world that they apparently, according to Jones, already control: