News From Around The Blogosphere 7.20.08

July 21, 2008

Record number of UFO sightings in New Brunswick, British Columbia
-Of the 836 UFO sitings in Canada alone in 2007, a record 24 of them were reported in New Brunswick, British Columbia. I’d say this is a pretty damned good reason to be remain skeptical of claims that UFOs are spaceships from another world. And let this be a lesson in pareidolia. People have pattern-seeking brains and you shouldn’t believe everything you see or everything a reliable friend says they’ve seen.

PZ’s latest comment on the Crackergate insanity

-The latest installment in the ongoing absurd saga I’ve dubbed Crackergate.
Town of Aberystwyth may end 30-year ban on Monty Python’s Life of Brian

-Yes, that’s right. There’s actually a town that has upheld a 30-year-long ban on “Life of Brian.”

Christian Band’s Guitarist Fired for Losing His Faith

-A very telling portion from the band’s official statement: “We as a band do not have problem with those that do not believe in Jesus, nor do we cast judgement on those that do not believe in Jesus. We just want to love on people like Jesus would and hopefully share a little bit about what he’s done and doing in our lives. We would call ourselves a Christian band and for that reason, we felt we couldn’t have someone in the band who didn’t agree with the band’s foundational drive.” Apparently ya do have a problem with it.
Michael Shermer on Intelligent Design

As always, Shermer exposing the hypocrisy of cdesign proponentsists.

And some science news:
Nature-Nurture Gene Link Sheds New Light On Autism

For those keeping score, that’s Medical Science, 1 trillion, Alternative Medicine, zero