News From Around The Blogosphere 4.20.11

April 20, 2011

1. Siberian YouTube alien is a hoax – This week a YouTube video has been making the rounds that seems to show the discovery of a dead space alien in the ice. Of course, as it turns out, the tiny “dead alien” is just skin from chicken filled with bread that was painted in “alien colors,” whatever that is.

2. Dilbert’s evolution-denying creator caught using sock accounts – Many people don’t know this but Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert cartoons, doesn’t believe in evolution. What you might also not know is that he often defends himself against critics online under the anonymous account, PlannedChaos in order to give the illusion of impartiality. And when his dishonesty was caught, his excuse was that since it hardly even registers when compared with the worst immoral behavior imaginable that that somehow makes his actions acceptable. PZ Myers offers this hilarious response:

Great. So if ever I’m caught kicking a puppy or lying on the internet, all I need to do is explain that I didn’t kill six million Jews, so you can all forgive me.

Myers perfectly demonstrates what a pathetic argument that is and how it can be used to justify literally anything.

Exhibit A:

3. Jesus loves Kit Kat viral video – Whenever I hear a pareidolia-themed news story about people seeing the face of Jesus in some random object, I love to post about it. Hell, I’m even making a short film mocking the phenomenon. And last year, when a video emerged showing people who allegedly found Jesus’ face in a Kit Kat bar, I probably reported it. But it turns out that it was a Poe, a deliberate hoax that was indistinguishable from a genuine news story. In actuality, it was an experiment to see if they could get the video to go viral.

On a related note…

4. Canadian-Israeli director Simcha Jacobovici claims to have found the nails that crucified Jesus – How does he know? Well, they’re really old. What more proof do you nned?

5. Mitchell and Webb bring us Holistic ER – The group that has given us Homeopathic A&E, also has another video mocking holistic medicine of all kinds.

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Pwned in 10 seconds

April 13, 2011

News From Around The Blogosphere 2.11.11

February 11, 2011
Grainy B&W image of supposed UFO, Passoria, Ne...

Image via Wikipedia

1. Jerusalem UFO video exposed as fake – Okay, so the video looked pretty poor to begin with, giving us nothing but a tiny moving ball of light but it’s still fun to apply more analysis to it anyway. Steven Novella had already done a great critical analysis of the video here where he observed that the video largely consists of a still image with added effects to create the illusion of shaky-cam video footage, but now Phil Plait has found a video posted on YouTube that actually exposes the specific digital editing tricks used to create the illusion of a shaky camera. Unlike other alleged UFO videos, there’s no ambiguity here. This video is a deliberate fake and its been busted cold.

2. Creepy head-mask to punish ‘rude, clamorous” women – Okay, I just thought this story was really cool. This mask was used between 1550 and 1800 to punish women considered to be spending too much time gossiping or quarrelling. When wearing the mask, it’s impossible to speak. Some of these masks, like the one pictured, even had a bell on them to add to the wearer’s humiliation.

3. Robots to get their own internet – European scientists are working on a network that would allow robots to share and store what they discover about the world:

Called RoboEarth it will be a place that robots can upload data to when they master a task, and ask for help in carrying out new ones.

Researchers behind it hope it will allow robots to come into service more quickly, armed with a growing library of knowledge about their human masters.

4. Scientology continues to have a terrible week – I already briefly wrote about the incredible, super-long New Yorker piece by Lawrence Wright on Scientology apostate Paul Haggis, which mentioned that the cult is currently under an FBI investigation for human trafficking. But there are so many highlights to the piece. After finally managing to read the whole article, I got to where Wright talks about fact-checking L. Ron Hubbard’s claim that he was injured during military service and was miraculously healed by the methods now practiced as part of Scientology. After Scientology Spokesman Tommy Davis gave the New Yorker thousands of pages of documents and allegedly admitted that if this Hubbard story didn’t check out, it’d mean all of Scientology was a fraud, Wright and his New Yorker fact-checkers went through the pain-staking process of getting military archivists who are experts in such documents. Those experts concluded that the documents were false, that there was no record of Hubbard’s injuries or of the officer who allegedly signed some of the documents, and that the documents lied about his education and the metals he’d received. Now the New Yorker has even put up a copy of at least one of the documents to show readers precisely how we know it’s a forgery.  Wright has also been turning up on various radio shows to discuss his findings (here and here). It just keeps getting worse for Scientology and they can’t seem to catch a break.

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Homeopathy is a scam – Happy 10:23 weekend!

February 5, 2011

The second annual 10:23 campaign festivities are upon us again. I’m disappointed that the NYC Skeptics have not organized our own creative grassroots demonstration to educate the public about the bullshit that is homeopathy, but events are being organized around the world.

And even James Randi has produced a video on YouTube to promote the event:

I just want to wish everyone participating in the 10:23 campaign this year all the best. Let’s make 2011 the worst year for homeopaths yet!

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Moral relativism from an atheist?

January 13, 2011

I’m usually a big fan of many of the popular YouTube atheists but I was rather shocked when one of my favorites, BionicDance, put out two consecutive videos promoting moral relativism. Because they’re very similar in content, I’ll only embed one of them while just linking to the other here.

Now many have taken issue with some of the ideas Sam Harris presents in his latest book The Moral Landscape, and certainly I think some criticisms are more legitimate than others. But to argue that Harris is wrong in favor of some moral relativism is, as Harris would say, untenable.

I’ve written a lot about morality in the past here and elsewhere and don’t want to take much time right now delving into the multitudes of arguments I could present, so I’ll just keep this brief for now.

We really need to stop using the Christian definition of “objective” which is in fact wrong. Objectivity only means lacking in bias. That’s it. We make objective decisions all the time. To suggest murder is only wrong subjectively or only as a matter of opinion is simply absurd. We have rational, objective & secular reasons to not permit murder that has nothing to do w/ personal bias. and the “is/ought” problem is itself a kind of faith that seems to get parroted in order to close the door to further scientific inquiry.

Now BionicDance responded to this criticism by writing:

“We have rational, objective & secular reasons to not permit murder that has nothing to do w/ personal bias.”No, we really don’t.

Rational? Yes. Secular? Yes. Objective? Hell, no. It’s 100% personal bias.

And to this I responded by saying it’s not. This is how evangelicals distort the meaning of objective & subjective. It doesn’t require the outside agency of a deity or “the universe”. Morality is both objective & subjective. You’re right that it only matters “to us” but to claim that makes all morality relative is absurd. The existence of an other w/ the goal of killing humanity doesn’t negate objective morality within human society. Why is human society not an acceptable arbiter of objective morals within humanity?

I also added that if she at least agrees our reasons for not arbitrarily raping & murdering is rational, then under moral relativism, what makes it rational? It seems that under moral relativism, the most rational option would be to strictly look out for one’s own self-interest & ONLY aid others likely to be in the position to reciprocate. Under that system, nothing could be more irrational than giving humanitarian aid to third world countries who won’t be in the position to reciprocate in my lifetime.

To which BionicDance responded thusly:

Even the outside agency of a deity wouldn’t make something objective because it would be the deity’s subjective morality imposed upon us from without. To be objective, something ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE THE PRODUCT OF A MIND.There is not, cannot be, such a thing as “objective morality”; the two terms are mutually exclusive as morality is 100% perspective based.

Now the first part, I completely agree with and frequently argue with Christians myself. The existence of an outside agency like a deity does not make something objective but merely that deity’s presumably subjective opinion. I only say presumably subjective because said deity might have objective reasons but simply under the hypothetical scenario of a moral system that’s strictly asserted by an authority, that alone is insufficient to grant that authority’s morality by fiat objective.

However, after that first part, she loses me again. My response to her is this. Again, I contest that definition of the word “objective,” as does every reputable English dictionary. The word “objective” objectively does not mean “cannot be the product of a mind” nor is that meaning part of any common usage. If you want to invent another word for that, that’s fine, but the word “objective” does not mean that. And again, I ask what makes helping those in no position to reciprocate rational under your moral relativity?

Her response:

objective: -adj; not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased (source: Random House Dictionary)If you’;d like to explain to me how ANY mind can be not influenced by feelings, interpretations or prejudice, or can be unbiased, you go right ahead and let me know. People can STRIVE for that, but they’ll never reach it.

Other definitions of objective:-of or pertaining to something that can be known, or to something that is an object or a part of an object; existing independent of thought or an observer as part of reality.

– being the object of perception or thought; belonging to the object of thought rather than to the thinking subject

– intent upon or dealing with things external to the mind rather than with thoughts or feelings

…all from Random House Dictionary. Still don’t believe me, pal?

To which I responded, you’re helping your case. None of those definitions fits yours. Rather some of them come closer to what you define as subjective. You’re taking “not influenced by feelings” way more literately than intended. It doesn’t mean the one making the decision is 100% devoid of feelings of any kind, only that the decision is for all intents & purposes rationally-based rather than overly based on biases. You’re creating a false dichotomy. It’s not 0% vs. 100%.

That’s all I have right now. I’m more than happy to have a larger discussion on this topic.

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Skeptics & YouTube atheist superstars unite to help Doctors Without Borders

September 17, 2010
Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

This weekend, the YouTube atheist community is once again organizing a 24-hour BlogTV event to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aka Doctors Without Borders. For those unfamiliar with it, MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.

James Randi, PZ Myers, and Matt Dillahunty will all be participating, as will the Marc Dubois, head of the MSF UK and the following awesome YouTubers:  dprjones, Zomgitscriss, NonStampCollector, ZJemptv, ThePeach, AronRa, Thunderf00t, FactVsReligion, DonExodus2, cOctOpusPrime, Darkmatter2525, LaciGreen, and healthyaddict, COncOrdance, among others.

Please check it out and help Médecins Sans Frontières in the name of reason and freethought.

The Show:
The show will start at 4pm (BST) on Saturday 18 September.
It will be shown here;
To see what time that is where you are go to;…

The Charity:
If you want any information about the charity please contact me or watch my previous videos or go to one of the websites, some are which are;
MSF(US) (Doctors without Borders)

The MSF(UK) youtube channel is here;

How to donate:
On MSF’s recommendation I have set up donation pages at the following sites;

Both these sites provide an effective, safe and secure method of making donations. You will not get junk e-mails not will your details be distributed.
The pages are open now if you want to donate. They will also remain open for a further 2 months after the show.

The schedule of the hosts and co-hosts:
This video contains the best information that I can give at the moment. There are likely to be some minor changes before the event. I’ll be posting an update video nearer the time with a full schedule.
For the avoidance of doubt, Michael Shermer will not be on the show, but was kind enough to provide the clip used at the beginning of this video.

The e-bay auction:
If you have any items that you wish to donate then please contact;…

The MSF’s got Talent competition is open until 12th September. Please watch the video below for details on how to enter. NOTE, mirroring of the video is no longer a necessary requirement.…

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The Music Made Me Do it…for FREE

July 2, 2010

The music video for the latest single from Fuji Minx titled “The Music Made Me Do It” has stirred a lot of controversy lately when it was banned from YouTube. That video can be viewed elsewhere here.

But now Fuji Minx is generously giving away mp3 copies of the song for FREE or you can name your price.

Talk about free speech! Check it out.

My religion is a loaded gun
I’m handing lessons out one by one
So shut your mouth and get in line
Cause I need volunteers for my sacrifice

One More (I need it)
One More (I feed it)
One More (I breed it)
One More, I Cant Stop

Don’t you feel like a contradiction
Lining up here for my crucifixion
You judged and juried but still I am free
I speak the truth while I recruit those who sin like me

One More (I need it)
One More (I feed it)
One More (I breed it)
One More

With my feet on the floor
And my back on the wall
From your pushing and all
But you don’t stop
Well you seem to think
That my liking to drink
And being pushed to the brink
Means I can’t stop
I’m letting you know
How it’s all gonna go
Are you feeling along
Cause I won’t stop
I’m in control
Got my eye on the goal
While you’re saving your soul
I’ll be singing this song

The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it
The Music Made Me Do it

One More (I need it)
One More (I feed it)
One More (I breed it)
One More, Oh Oh I cant stop

One More (I need it)
The Music, The Music, The Music
One More (I feed it)
The Music, The Music, The Music
One More (I breed it)
The Music, The Music, The Music
One More, I cant stop
released 15 June 2010
Written by FUJI MINX.
Vocals by FUJI MINX.
Music by Robin Davey & FUJI MINX.

Produced & Mixed by Robin Davey & FUJI MINX.
Recorded & Mixed at GROWvision Media – CA, USA.
Mastered by Jesse Davey – London, UK.

©2010 FUJI MINX™& WTKIS for Worldwide Distribution. Made in the U.S.A. FUJI MINX™ is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved.

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Religion news lightning round

June 27, 2010

I’m really behind on my religion news, so here’s a quick list of some of the major reliigions stories of the last few days:

1. Pope more outraged over Belgian raids of Catholic Church than child abuse – Belgium officials seized nearly 500 files and a computer from the offices of a Church commission investigating allegations of sex abuse. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican Secretary of State, said the Belgian bishops were left all day without food or drink even though that was a lie. The Catholic Church in Belgium has apologised for its silence on abuse cases in the past, and for some reason they seem to think that is sufficient justice.

Jeffrey Newell contemplates how many boys he can rape today

2. Sex abuse victim charges Catholic Church with fraud – Sixteen years after being molested by a priest for several years, the victim discovered his rapist, Rev. Jeffrey Newell, is still operating as a priest and his MySpace page lists a half-dozen teenage boys as friends.

That discovery led to a lawsuit filed Tuesday against the Los Angeles archdiocese alleging that church leaders engaged in fraud and negligence by allowing Newell to continue serving as a priest long after his alleged crimes were reported.

3. ‘One Nation Indivisible’ billboard vandalized only days after going up – Several days ago, I wrote about the billboard that the North Carolina Secular Association put up above the Billy Graham Parkway. Well, apparently this incredibly benign sign pissed someone off so much that they felt it essential that they break the law to further demonstrate why religion is evil.

4. But another one is going up in Florida

5. Fundies further crusade against the Friendly Atheist – Last year, I wrote several pieces about Laurie Higgins and her Illinois Family Institute’s crazy attacks on Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist. Well, she’s back with some more wild accusations about Mehta, who responds to her latest attacks himself here and here.

6. Scholar suggest Jesus didn’t die on the cross – I’d agree on the grounds that Jesus never existed but historians but theologian Gunnar Samuelsson just says the text has been misinterpreted:

He claims the Bible has been misinterpreted as there are no explicit references the use of nails or to crucifixion – only that Jesus bore a “staurus” towards Calvary which is not necessarily a cross but can also mean a “pole”.

Mr Samuelsson, who has written a 400-page thesis after studying the original texts, said: “The problem is descriptions of crucifixions are remarkably absent in the antique literature.

“The sources where you would expect to find support for the established understanding of the event really don’t say anything.”

7. Detroit Catholics fighting for the right of rapists to go unpunished

Victims of abuse by Catholic clergy are expressing dismay at the strong lobbying the church is doing in Lansing to halt an effort to remove Michigan’s statute of limitations on sex abuse cases. In Michigan, victims must file criminal or civil complaints by the time they turn 19 — what some say is an unrealistic limit on kids who often are traumatized for years by the abuse.

The church maintains that removing the statute of limitations could open the floodgates to abuse cases that are a half-century old and could take money away from programs that benefit the poor.

Yeah, everyone knows that crimes cease being bad if you sweep them under the rug for long enough .

8. YouTube censors music video critical of the Pope

The alternative rock band Fuji Minx recently released a music video for their song, “The Music Made Me Do It.” The video was uploaded to YouTube and then taken down by YouTube without explanation after six days.

The video is dedicated to “Recovering Catholics Everywhere” and features the burning of a photo of the Pope with the word “Confess” written on it in red. There is also a photo of musician Sinead O’Connor in the video which is placed on a dresser covering a picture of Jesus. O’Connor made headlines a number of years ago by ripping up a photo of the previous Pope live on TV.

And you can find an embedded copy of that video in the link above. And the lead singer of the band, Greta Valenti, discusses the controversy in an interview here.

News From Around The Blogosphere 5.14.10

May 14, 2010

1. Another kid excluded from Catholic school due to lesbian parents – This is the second time in just the last few months that a Catholic school has decided that children of lesbian parents don’t deserve an education. This time it’s in Massachusetts. It’s just a shame the kid’s parents weren’t child rapists. Cause otherwise he’d get right in.

2. News anchor duped by YouTube video of people running on water – He says it couldn’t be a visual trick because he watched it in slow-mo (cause you can’t trick in slow-mo, right?) and his explanation is centrifugal force (even though that involves rotation). The actual explanation is that this video is a viral ad for Hi-Tec Sports, an athletic shoemaker.

3. Central African Republic courts overwhelmed by witch trials – Many alleged witches are facing criminal punishment for hexing their enemies or assuming the shape of animals. I hate when that happens. About 40% of all cases here are over witchcraft. And the rights of the accused are violated regularly in witchcraft prosecutions, because the charge carries enormous pressure to confess. And the alternative to these prosecutions is mob justice from people convinced witches are hexing people with impunity. I’m so glad we live in the 17th century.

4. Priest tries exorcism on handicapped girl – The girl was both physically and mentally disabled. The priest spoke in gibberish and then started demanding the girl to speak:

“The girl would not have even been able to comprehend, let alone follow instructions. It was very undignified for the young lady and she was just crying, howling at the altar.”

Suffice it to say, it didn’t work. The church’s excuse for this unseemly affair is that the priest was a foreigner. So I guess that means they’d have let him get away with virgin sacrifices too.

5. 13-year-old Somalian rape victim stoned to death – Yeah, that will teach her not to be raped. All in a days work for the religion of peace we call Islam.

6. Polish pop singer faces 2-years in prison for blasphemy – In a television interview last year, 26-year-old Dorota Rabczewska, known as “Doda”, said she found it far easier to believe in dinosaurs than the Bible; “it is hard to believe in something written by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes.” And for that, this pop star and Mensa member may go to jail for 2 years because she hurt the feelings of Catholics. Under Poland’s blasphemy law, simply offending someone’s religious sensibilities can earn you hefty fines and even imprisonment. And while I hate to invoke Godwin’s Law, it needs to be said. And to think I thought Poland got rid of the Nazis.

7. How chimps deal with death

Two studies in the April 27th issue of Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, offer rare glimpses into the ways that chimpanzees deal with the deaths of those closest to them. In one case, researchers describe the final hours and moment of death of an older female chimp living in a small group at a UK safari park as captured on video. In the other, researchers observed as two chimpanzee mothers in the wild carried their infants’ mummified remains for a period of weeks after they were lost to a respiratory epidemic.

The rise and fall of YouTube’s top posterboy for creationist stupidity

January 10, 2010

Our story begins two years ago. For those who don’t know, VenomFangX, aka 22-year-old Shawn, was YouTube’s most popular creationist/Christian evangelist. And during his time on YouTube, he made a lot of enemies not just for his ignorance but for his unparalleled arrogance, narcissism, censorship of ALL negative comments on his videos, and hypocrisy. This led to him practically becoming the star of popular YouTube atheist Thunderf00t’s brilliant “Why people laugh at creationists” series, which earned him the nickname PCS or the Posterboy for Creationist Stupidity.

Shawn decided to challenge Thunderf00t to a debate. Thunderf00t however declined to acquiesce to his request on the grounds that it’d be like Miss Teen South Carolina debating Stephen Hawking on black holes and the existence of gravity, while also exposing Shawn’s total dishonesty.

After viewers got a glimpse of his wealthy parents’ house where he lives and after previously making a specific point of mentioning how he doesn’t accept donations, he soon begged his sycophantic followers for a better camera to better spread “God’s” word. Around that same time he also reported that he’d lost his job as some retail clerk because he was pushing his unwanted Kent Hovind shwag on customers. He seemed genuinely surprised that management frowned on this. So this motivated him to start up a whole new website devoted to his “ministry.” There he called on his fans to donate money to his site under the fraudulent promise that Shawn would donate a portion of those proceeds to a children’s hospital. The only cause that money went to was himself. There was also a brief incident where another well known religious nut on YouTube, Anthony Powell aka Tony48219, who had frequently cited VenomFangX as his inspiration, was involved in a murder/suicide. And while Shawn’s top critics didn’t blame him for Anthony’s behavior or anger, it was nearly impossible to not see how such an unstable personality would be attracted to the fanaticism found in Shawn’s videos.

Then Shawn made a melodramatic formal announcement that he was permanently shutting down his YouTube account due to alleged death threats against himself and his family, followed by an unhalted continuation of his videos. Must have been sweeps week. He did however delete all or most of his previous videos, leading some to wonder if this was all just an act to play the martyr while inventing a convenient excuse to erase all the firmly debunked videos of his past.

But then Shawn started to get ambitious, which led to him getting sloppy. He was caught dishonestly trying to censor his critics by being either directly or indirectly responsible for false DMCA copyright notifications against some of his chief critics, such as Thunderf00t, which backfired when those more knowledgeable of the law informed him that this was a serious legal offense. But when given the opportunity to have Shawn permanently removed from YouTube and take legal action against him, Thunderf00t showed him mercy by dropping the whole matter provided Shawn agreed to go into self-exile from YouTube for one year.

What Shawn failed to consider due to his total ignorance of the law was that use of clips from his videos was protected under Fair Use because his critics included commentary on the material. His claim, based on the misunderstanding of YouTube’s policy, was that the moment he removed a video from his channel that footage ceased to be within Fair Use. Apparently he thought that the legal expectation was that everyone using clips from other Youtubers’ had to remain constantly aware of whether the original source material was still available on YouTube or not. He also left a digital paper trail acknowledging his role in the illegal action and further illustrating extreme dishonesty. Amusingly, as you can see in the last video linked to above, Shawn opened himself to a world of trouble by upping the cockiness as he foolishly believed he was calling an empty bluff. His overconfidence was his downfall as his opponent was holding a Royal Flush.

After making this video a year ago, the VenomFangX channel went into hiatus for awhile. That is, until seven months ago. That’s when Shawn handed over his VenomFangX YouTube channel with all its sycophantic subscribers to the equally deranged YouTuber Gerrup. Then after Thunderf00t met to discuss evolution with creationist Ray “Banana Man” Comfort, VenomFangX made another request for a formal debate with Thunderf00t, to which he agreed on the condition that Shawn come back to YouTube to make more creationist videos. He made this counter offer because quite frankly Thunderf00t realizes that Shawn’s videos only further illustrate how idiotic creationism is and that his only fans are those who already believed similarly to him from the start. But it is an important point that Thunderf00t invited Shawn to return to YouTube as Shawn would later go on to insist that his chief critics were out to silence his voice and get him off YouTube.

Then just recently, Shawn resurfaced on YouTube with a video announcing that he’s now attending college while unintentionally showing just how disconnected he was from the other students around him. Though I could not find that video, here’s a parody of it, which incorporates Shawn’s actual audio.

And that brings us to the final VenomFangX controversy. Popular YouTube atheist, DPRJones made a series of three videos titled, “Why people hate you, VenomFangX” (here, here, and here). In it, he outlined Shawn’s history on YouTube and made a rather compelling case for why he thinks Shawn might be a sociopath. This led to Shawn trying to pull the EXACT same tactic he’d tried on Thunderf00t on DPRJones’ videos. Again, he issued false DMCA claims and again his defense was based on the same exact false interpretation of YouTube’s policy. Despite the fact that this was explained to him the last time, he claimed the policy is that the moment he removed a video from his channel that footage ceased to be within Fair Use.

So then DPRJones gave Shawn a warning to take down his account within ten days, similar to what Thunderf00t had initially done. This led to a lengthy email exchange between the two, chronicled in another series of three videos (here, here, and here). In them, Shawn trotted out the old claim that crazy people had threatened his life and the lives of his family. Though, suspiciously, that didn’t seem to deter him from returning to YouTube the last time. He then proceeded to refuse to accept any responsibility for making his own enemies and refused to accept that by entering the public domain, he opens himself up to legitimate criticism in addition to more or less blaming DPRJones for inciting such threats by merely posting legitimate and intellectual criticisms. The whole exchange is just an ocean of transparent lies, strategic emotional appeals, denials of responsibility, logical fallacies, and just incoherent gibberish.

This was followed by Shawn’s bravado again as he threatened to “take a huge chunk of videos down with me.” So after already undergoing all the other stages in Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief, Shawn at last arrived at Acceptance:

But again, as with the Thunderf00t incident, he thought he was calling a bluff when his opponent had the far superior hand, so he included some of that classic VenomFangX bravado even though its only led to ruin. As one can see from the above video, he refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, blames those he wronged for his troubles when he has no one to blame but himself, and makes a whole lot of excuses to give the impression that leaving YouTube was his choice when it wasn’t. And then, to add insult to injury, he chooses to not walk away without first slandering the critic he himself had wronged. I guess the kid never learns.

Here’s a few reactions to the death of the VenomFangX channel:



VelcroBanana – He and DPRJones also commented on Shawn’s ridiculous accusation here and exposing his final piece of deliberate dishonesty.

So with that, so long Shawn. I’d like to say it’s been fun but, you know, like most other people, I can’t stand you.

DPR, sue the fucker for slander!