News From Around The Blogosphere 8.10.10

1. Einsteinian physics an evil liberal plot? – That is according to Andy Schlafly of Conservapædia. I suspect this is all part of a Jewish plot. Step 1: Kill Jesus and save the world. Step 2: Fool otherwise good Christians into accepting demonic Relativity. Step 4:  Profit. Muhahaha!

2. Anne Rice’s departure from the Catholic Church may signal the beginning of the end – Former Christian William Lobdell looks at the statistics and it’s looking more and more like Anne Rice is just part of a growing number of Christians growing disillusioned with organized religion.

3. Wiccans offer low, low price for booty-enhancement spell casting – Now I know there’s no such thing as magic, but for only $8.95, how can I afford not to pay someone to chant magic spells to increase the size of my ass. This one is full of win.I just don’t want to know where the magic wand goes.

4. Thought-controlled artificial arm reaches human testing phase – DARPA may have successfully produced an artificial arm as good as the one Anakin had in the Star Wars prequels.

5. Another Catholic child abuse case determined to be ‘credible’

A review board for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has found allegations of child sexual abuse against the Rev. David Dzermejko “credible,” and Bishop David Zubik has sent the case to Rome.

Vatican officials will decide if he should have a church trial or if the evidence is strong enough to permanently remove him from ministry without further hearings.

Wow, that’s some justice system they got going on there.

6. Pastor arrested for anti-demon protest – Pastor Donald Crosby of Kingdom Builders Church of Jesus Christ decided to protest outside Warner Robins High School because of the school’s “”Demon” nickname and mascot.” The mascot honors a World War II fighter squadron nicknamed the “Screamin’ Demons.” Yes, he’s protesting a celebration of World War II American heroes.

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One Response to News From Around The Blogosphere 8.10.10

  1. MichaelKnows says:

    I don’t know whether my head is going to explode… or whether I’m just going to laugh myself to death!Einsteinian Physics? General & Special Relativity are a Liberal Plots? The way the UNIVERSE works is a Liberal Plot? Then ‘Ghourd’ their Invisble creator/Designer must be a Liberal too! I think this just goes to show… Children raised by Crazy people (Phyllis Schlafly) very often raise Crazy children….(Andy Schlafly) Their World view is so twisted & they are so blinded, that they see truth, & everything else as an attack on their precious, imaginary Geebus! They, Christians, are not living the World of Reality! And,that’s quite understandable! When you’ve accept the un-believeable tenants of Christianity, Geebus was born of a virgin, False! It is well known that Mary was being f**ked by a Roman Centurian when she got knicked up. Joseph only agreed to marry her to prevent her from being stoned to death. Geebus died for somebody’s sins and then rose on the third day…. Never happened. And he didn’t die for anyone’s sins but his own! He refused to acknowledge the King of Israel! That was Sedition, a grave offense 2,000 years ago…you (Christians) are already living in the world of the un-believeable…. So actual reality is what becomes unreal to you. Christians…….. abandon your fantasy and start living in the real world. YOU ARE An EVIL JOKE!

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